Real Time Serial Pulp


In the spirit of traditional Pulp Fiction publishing, each episode is only $1.99 (the first episode is free). Depending on the depth of the real news story we are tracking/storytelling, TRUE FIXION stories may have a life of 4 to 6 episodes and be comprised of 6 to 8 pages each.

TRUE FIXION is building a universe of characters and stories in the tradition of Marvel or DC comics. Not super-heroes, of course – we are rooted in true crime after all, but each lead character will have their own worlds. Our first edition is set in the underbelly of Hollywood and the character is a hard boiled night club owner, Mike Dale.

Naturally the real news stories we choose to use will drive the character and their world. For example an international scandal such as the recent Snowden story would suggest a globe hopping operative and a shadowy international underworld.

The possibilities are as endless as every day’s headlines and we look forward to bringing you many hours of enjoyment with your iPad as well as developing characters that will translate onto other screens such as television and film.

You will be able to subscribe here soon!

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